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Artists in Kabwe have come together and formed an interim committee that will spearhead lobbying the local authority,
Kabwe Municipal Council, to revert Venus Theatre back to the artists so they can revive it, maintain it and run it
more efficiently as it was intended when it was built.

Venus is an art centre facility which was built in the late 50s and was named after a man called Venus who came up
with the idea and offered his land, so that this facility could be built. The facility has a theatre for on stage
performances and has a sitting capacity of 170, green room for performing artists, an art gallery to display art
works and a large space for future developments.

Over the years, due to unexplained circumstances, the facility was given to the Judiciary Department who had the plans
to use the facility as a regional court for the juvenile. That didn’t work out and the facility was rundown to almost
ruins. The artists have got concerned and have been prompted to petition the local authority so that they can get the
facility back and use it for its intended purpose.

The facility needs major repair works and will certainly cost a substantial amount, needing the support of the business
community, the donor community and individuals who are able, to come forward and help revive VENUS. VENUS can be a
fulcrum of the creative industries in central Zambia and provide Jobs and wealth creation for various artists and
businesses while providing entertainment to the local and visiting community.

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