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2013 was Good, we look forward to 2014 We came to an end of an eventful 2013! For the management and staff at YEZI Arts it was always a rare opportunity to continue to contribute to the growth of the creative industry in Zambia. We endured a very busy twelve months implementing an array of activities. Our strength continues to lie in the ultimate realization of our mission - to be the preferred partner in the creative industry! We continue to pursue this with passion, enthusiasm, commitment and dedication. We started the year in earnest continuing with the momentum from 2012. The re-hosting of the April International Theatre Festival was a landmark achievement, and this took place in April. we had new entries, namely: Mufulira Arts Society and Mwansabombwe Theatre group. The latter two have accounted for themselves well. Mufulira Arts Society, apart from the seasoned Chingola Arts Society, became one of the most active clubs. Mwansabombwe Theatre group returned to Lusaka for additional captivating shows with their play, Longo – which first showed during the April festival. Mufulira Arts Society further played host to the National Theatre Arts Association of Zambia senior performing arts festival. YEZI Arts congratulates them for being a ‘baby-born-with teeth’! products, which included six documentaries for government and civil society organizations, a short-film (Budding Fields). We also proceeded into working on a feature-length film, The Presidents Job Description with a 72-member cast and crew! The production will be launched on 18th February, 2014 at Ster-Kinekor, Arcades. The radio program on Radio Pheonix, "Arts in Perspective" continued to be a mouthpiece and platform for the arts in Zambia, reaching out to both new and old listeners’. Of interest is that it continued through the year marking four years of existence. 2014, the year is already a mouthful. We plan to embark on yet another feature-length film, entitled ‘Before Dawn' (based on Andrea Masiye’s authored book) in addition to a short-film, 'Kwachas and Dreams'. This will be complimented by an additional four documentaries. In March we invigorate and join hands with our annual hosts for the Kavalamanja commemorations in Luangwa before hosting the 2014 April International Theatre festival against a background of Zambia celebrating its 50 years of existence. To achieve this, YEZI Arts has to be more resourceful and grow its investment in a more sustainable way. As always, we look forward to collaborative efforts in the implementation of these set of activities in 2014. Our primary focus will be on increasing media products and advocacy. Gratitude goes to all the stakeholders of YEZI Arts. The collective effort helped in pursuing positive change in addressing various programming and administrative issues in the industry. To all our funding partners and supporters , your efforts were not in vain, as the provided resources assisted YEZI Arts to contribute positively to Zambia's creative industry.

The President's Job Description - Coming Soon!