Yezi Arts Promotions and Productions - Zambia's Upcoming Theatre and Media Arts Promoters!

About Yezi-Arts

Yezi-Arts Promotions and Productions, founded in mid-2000, is a privately owned and driven institution, with the core principles and works aimed at contributing to the development of artistic activities in Zambia. The focus of our works, are primarily in contributing to theatre arts and media arts development with an emerging interest and involvement in advocacy for the development of a culture-based industry. Given the comparative advantage of the institution and the experience gained directly and indirectly in engaging in arts promotion, Yezi-Arts Promotions and Productions is also involved in organizational development support to institutions involved in the arts.

Theatrical Productions  

Yezi-Arts Promotions and Productions is one of Zambia’s upcoming arts promoters, and is registered under the National Arts Council Act, as an arts promotion agency (not a company). Our broader aim is to contribute to raising the status of theatre and media arts, while providing support to improve and develop the industry through providing forums for sharing experiences, training of artists, and ultimately creating employment based on theatre and media arts. We are also fostering local and international partnerships within the country, sub-region and beyond.

As one of Zambia’s upcoming arts promoters, we have been strategically and practically engaged in producing stage plays, which have been well -received over the years. Theatre arts have been an entry point to the support we provide. We are also the pioneer and lead institution in the organizing and hosting the first ever privately promoted April International Theatre Festival, which has been held since 2002. Yezi-Arts Promotions and Productions has also had opportunities of participating in several local and international festivals in the sub-region.

Yezi-Arts Promotions and Productions is also an active member and affiliate of the Southern African Communication for Development (SACOD), a sub-regional association and network of film makers and distributors.

We believe that Zambia’s creative and arts industry can and should have a positive contribution to the social, economic, political and cultural development of the country, and primarily contribute to job-creation and sustainable livelihood for the artists.

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