Yezi Arts Promotions and Productions - Zambia's Upcoming Theatre and Media Arts Promoters!

Who We Are

Yezi-Arts Promotions and Production Limited (YAPP) is an established theatre and media arts organization operating in creative industry in Zambia which has been in existence since 2000.The organisation which is registered with the National Arts Council (NAC) and also registered with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) in line with its new business orientation and was issued with the Certificate of Incorporation No.81027 on 22 October 2009.

Yezi Arts core areas of operation are;
1.    Theatre support
2.    Advocacy for the Creative arts industry.
3.    Media Products Production ( Print and Audio/Visual)
4.    Event Management
5.    Public engagement

Yezi Arts has been involved in communication for development by engaging the creative industries. It aims to be
the leading partner in the creative industries. To achieve this, YAPP wants to strengthen its Management,
Technical, Sales and Marketing of the institution (organisation structure and capacity building). It also aims to
influence positive change in various aspects of human endeavour in the communities through the utilisation of the
creative industries especially through the audio-visual unit. The targeted communities are both the rural and
urban communities across gender, age, religion, race, tribe and social status whose challenges and needs are
peculiar. The utilisation of creative industries would be used to interface the local communities and the
policymakers at a more innovative platform of art and culture. YAPP’s engagement has been through Media Arts,
Theatre, Advocacy and Event Management for the creative industries.

The main objective is for YAPP to become Zambia’s leading media and arts enterprise by the fifth year and attain
self sustainability, realise value for its shareholders, stakeholders and expand its market share in its areas of
operations. This will be achieved by;

    - Contributing to the growth of the creative industry in Zambia so that it becomes a major contributor to
       the Gross Domestic Product through the production and  sale of quality artistic products and services
       both locally and abroad.
    - Promoting the growth of the creative industry in Zambia through encouraging professionalism and quality
      service delivery by the artists who should provide value for money in order to sustain themselves and
      their families through their artistic offerings.
    - encouraging and promoting cooperation in the field of culture and performing arts;
    - Increasing awareness of Zambian performing arts-locally and internationally.
    - advocating for culture, and the performing arts to be issues on the country’s national development agenda.
    - providing or facilitating technical support to artists, institutions dealing with artists and the promotion
      of culture in order to enhance effective management capacities in project implementation;
    - Cooperating with regional and international organisations in the promotion, monitoring and implementation
      policies on cultural promotion or preservation.
    - Advocating for and facilitating the inclusion of culture, and performing arts education particularly,
      in mainstream education system at all levels.
    - Enhancing the social economic security of artists through the establishment and operation of an insurance
      scheme for them.  
    - Providing a platform for the communities and the policymakers to interact using the various forms of the
      creative industries e.g. film, theatre, visual arts, dance, poetry, fashion design, internet and music in
      exchanging views and charting ways towards human and social development.
    - Advocate for change and development using the creative industries in particular for communities having a
      need in aspects of governance, health, environment, democracy and service delivery.

YAPP now intends to expand its business operations and programme that will see it build on its core competencies and track record in the creative industry sector in Zambia. YAPP will in the next 5 years focus on the production and sale of creative productions, expand on consultancies in media and arts as well as acquisition of specialised equipment for hire and in house productions so as to effectively position itself as a leading player in this sector and generate revenues for shareholders, while ensuring sustainability and growth.

In pursuit of these objectives YAPP is repositioning itself from being an organisation which  largely dependent
on donor support to undertake its activities to a self sustaining business concern in the creation, production,
marketing and distribution of its products and services to its customers and stakeholders by expanding its
participation in the creative industry value chain while continuing to carry out its social mandate in its
promotion and advocacy initiatives. In this way YAPP will not only ensure sustainability but also be able to
optimise on the numerous opportunities in the creative industry sector

In pursuit of this strategy, YAPP has now been registered as a Limited Liability Company. In terms of Corporate
Governance, YAPP intends to streamline and operationalise an Organisation Structure to incorporate a Board and
Management Team. Currently, at the top of the YAPP organisation structure is Chief Executive Officer to be
reporting to the Board with clear lines of responsibilities and reporting procedures. Operating policies to
support the main areas of business operations such as finance and accounting, purchasing, human resource have
been developed and are operational while job descriptions have been developed through a human resource policy.

YAPP’s founders/promoters are seasoned creative arts practitioners who have a long history and association with
theatre and the creative arts industry in general and have the requisite key competencies to steer the company to higher heights .They have scored major success in theatre productions, film productions, creative events management and consultancies in the creative arts sector.
YAPP is operating in the sector which has potential to create substantial social economic benefits and contribute
to the Gross Domestic Product and employment creation and preservation of the national cultural heritage.

At full operation, YAPP will employ about 22 full time staff and will in addition indirectly create jobs and security for individual artists throughout Zambia. YAPP will also utilise the services of consultancies to undertake specialised assignments on their behalf according to agreed terms of reference. These consultants will be commissioned directly or through cooperating partners and institutions such as HIVOS, YAPP’s current major donor, the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA), International Labour Organisation (ILO) , to name a few.

Further, YAPP’s initiatives are going to generate value for the shareholders, will transform the status quo of
individual artists in Zambia and as they become vibrant entrepreneurs in the creative industry value chain.
The proposed business expansion and growth will contribute significantly to realising Zambia’s Vision of becoming
a middle income country by 2030.

The President's Job Description - Coming Soon!