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"ARTS IN PERSPECTIVE" Every Monday on Radio Phoenix at 10:00hrs.

The electronic media and the print media have tried to highlight issues involving the artists but not to a sustainable level and developmental aspect. What seems to be the main highlight of articles of the artists are their performances and exhibitions. Little is said about the challenges faced by the industry and discussing matters of policy and administration.
You can now catch the Live programme of Arts in Perspective on Radio Phoenix every monday at 10:00hrs beginning Monday 28th September, 2009. The programme aims to deal with issues such as the Cultural Policy, National Arts Council Act, Fifth National Development Plan, various studies undertaken in Zambia for the art industry and other matters of entrepreneurship, empowerment, available regional festivals, funding etc. The topics will aim to touch the artists’ values, professional and existence in the Zambian society.
Over the years, very little interactive forum has been created for the artists to express themselves. The currently defined arts industry is part of the larger Creative Industry that includes fashion designers, jewelry manufacturers, computer graphics and programme designers apart from the traditionally known performing arts, cultural villages, audio-visual production, publishing and visual arts. Each of these disciplines has unique needs and therefore a forum for expression is a welcome move.
This interactive programme will afford the artists, administrators, the various Government line Ministries involved with the arts, the National Arts Council and the general public interact with each other in talking about various challenges of the creative industry and take the country to greater heights in this area, creating jobs and wealth for the country.

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