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“Kavalamanja Remembered” - continues to unveil the ‘untold stories’ of Zambia’s support to the liberation struggles in Southern Africa.

Brigadier General Moyo (Alias Rodwell Nyika) then commandeering ZIPRA forces at Kavalamanja visits the ‘battlefront’ after 32 years, recounting to detail the atrocities committed by Ian Smith’s air and ground forces in the war that took place March 6-9, 1978 on Zambian soil.

Similarly, 2ZR Brigade Commander, Lt. Col. Ernest Nathan Kabwita (Rtd.) – the man who was on the ground to defend Luangwa district tells it all on how the battle  happened - recollecting the horrendous attacks on innocent people, freedom fighters, and how the enemy from Southern Rhodesia was ultimately repelled.

“Kavalamanja Remembered”, a ‘must-watch’ feature-length documentary is another intriguing historical revelation…soon to be launched.

Kavalamanja Remembered is to be launched on March 11, 2011. Be on the look out for a copy of this riveting historical revelation

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